The Big Time HelmetsTailgating Trailer built by Big Time Tailgate

Big Time Helmets™

Big Time Helmets™ Tailgating Trailers are designed specifically for tailgating. A giant football helmet mounted on a trailer is sure to draw attention and emphatically announce that you have arrived at the tailgate!

Inside the cabin is a wrap-around settee that comfortably seats 6 adults around a football-shaped table. A fully automatic satellite antenna mounted on the roof supplies 4 televisions simultaneously tuned to 4 different channels. Two 40” flatscreens and a 55” curved screen are mounted inside with a 55” flatscreen outside mounted at the rear of the trailer.

A 9000 BTU Ductless Inverter Mini-split AC/Heat Pump keeps the spacious interior ice cold in the summer and provides heat in the winter. A full keg Kegerator and a Minifridge/Microwave are options. Cabinets and under-seat compartments provide storage. All electricity needed for this trailer is provided by a super quiet 2.2Kw generator.

Outside in the facemask cabinet is stainless steel 4 burner gas grill. The grill raises and lowers on linear actuators enabling the grill to be stored below countertop when not in use.

Stabilizers on all four corners of the trailer keep the trailer level and stable with guests aboard. Pull out steps are standard on both sides for easy access to the deck.

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