A Little History on Tailgating

Historians link tailgating to the First Battle of Bull Run in 1861, according to National Geographic’s article on the “History of Tailgating”.  It was the U.S. Civil War’s first major battle, and voyeurs traveled from D.C. to Manassas, Virginia to cheer on their team, Union or Confederate.  A Notre Dame professor who studied the cultural phenomena of fall festivals believes tailgating and food festivals formulated during the harvest in September and October and naturally developed into social food and community celebrations known as tailgating. The first record of tailgating at a football game is the first known football game played in the U.S. on November 6, 1869, between Princeton and Rutgers. There were no cars and no parking lots, but there was social interaction, rivalries, and celebrations.

Tailgating is truly a celebration of community in modern times.  With the advent of technology and virtual communities, more and more people seek actual social settings to interact in person with ‘like’ individuals and causes.  With tailgating, it becomes a unique camaraderie and that is repeated week after week, season after season across the country.

Big Time Tailgate™ is planning on adding to the experience with their Big Time Helmets™. No more hanging around in the beds of pickup trucks. The future of tailgating is style and technology. A cabin shaped like a giant football helmet that comes with all the amenities–four TV’s with a satellite, a gas grill with four burners, a microwave and mini-fridge, a keg, seats for six to eight adults, and the generator to power it all.

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